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Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Live the American Dream and move to the U.S., a cultural melting pot with a thriving economy, a wealth of opportunities.


The United States of America boasts a rich and diverse culture, one of the strongest currencies in the world, and one of the most sought-after passports on the planet. Through the USA EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, investors can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits:

·         No language skills required.

·         No minimum education required.

·         No business or managerial experience required.

·      Investment capital can come from a gift, inheritance, business ownership or any other lawful activity.

·         No obligation to live in the area of investment.

·        The opportunity to live, work and study anywhere in the U.S. and benefit from lower tuition fees.

·         Inclusion of dependent children under the age of 21.


EB5 Visa Requirements

·         The investor must invest a minimum of $500,000

·         The investor must provide proof that the funds were legally obtained

·         The investment must be ‘at risk’, as other investments are

·         The investor, and any family, must not have any criminal record

·         Any children, must be under the age of 21, at the time of application

·         No requirement of prior business experience.

·         No age bar.

·         Knowledge of English Language is not necessary.

·         The Applicant should be in Good Health